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We recognize good health and environment are essential for a child to succeed in school. Whenever possible, our children live at home with parents, guardians, or family. Sometimes, the home environment is unsafe or unhealthy. We enroll the children in top quality boarding schools.  Because family is so important, we continue to encourage positive connections with family members for boarding school children.






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Our children have received dental care, braces, vaccinations, glasses and regular annual exams. When children need surgeries or unexpected health issues arise, we take care of them. Healthcare is not free in Nepal and often our families are unable to pay for medications or medical care. Many of our children need extra clothing and personal items, which we supply. One of our favorite projects when we visit in the fall is to buy warm clothes and school supplies for the children. 







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Each child is unique and special to us.   We know each of them, meet their families and spend time getting to know them. With input from family and teachers, we evaluate and determine whether the child has economic need and which school setting will be best.  All the schools we work with are private and teach English. Some of our children need more academically-oriented programs while others need more technical, diverse, or special education. Therefore, we match our children with schools that meet their individual needs and will help them become independent, self-sufficient adults.

Our NGO partner in Nepal maintains continuous contact with the children, families and schools to be sure that our children are healthy and benefiting from their education. We provide extra services, such as dance and music programs, tutoring classes, bridge courses to prepare for entrance exams, computer courses, and field trips.   

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There are so many obstacles for Nepali children to overcome in order to continue their education and reach their potential. This is especially true for girls. We offer counseling and resources to help each child complete 12th grade and go on to a vocational or university education. 

We motivate children through contact with sponsors and staff who offer encouragement and support. Our sponsors receive personal information about the children, have regular personal contact and serve to encourage and build the self-esteem of our children. Our founder, board members, and child sponsors make regular trips to Nepal to check on the children in person, audit the programs, and troubleshoot on a direct, case-by-case basis. 

Our older children, who have pursued degrees in nursing, accounting and science, are so appreciative of the education and care they have received. They serve as great role models for the younger children as we actively foster these mentoring relationships.




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Education and Health Care



Class 10 completion is a huge milestone in Nepal as children have to pass the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) national exam. Known as the Iron Gate in Nepal, this exam determines their future ability to attend any school past eleventh grade or obtain a future degree. If the child is not able to pass the exam, they have to wait an entire year before taking it again. If they fail the second time, they are not able to continue their education.











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Because of this, there is so much pressure on children each year to pass so they can continue in school.  97% of our children have passed this exam on the first try, compared to the 25% pass rate for children in government schools in Nepal.  Each of our children completes a career plan in Class 10 and we work hard to help each child focus on further education and choose an appropriate eleventh to twelveth grade “college.” Once children start university or vocational school, we help find living situations. Sometimes we also help children find jobs and apartments. Our goal is to see a child through to adulthood as a contributing citizen of Nepal.




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