Our partner has long years of service in the domain of child welfare. Ever since its founder, the late Mrs. Bhuvaneshwori Satyal, established the Center for Child Studies and Development (CCSD) more than two and a half decades ago, it has brought about positive change in the lives of numerous children coming from disadvantaged families and difficult backgrounds.

In 2009, CCSD became a partner of the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children, Inc. (Mitrata-Nepal) and expanded to manage the underprivileged children in our sponsorship programs in boarding schools, living at home with guardians, and attending universities and colleges. While school education comprises the main component of the program other basic needs of the children are also taken care of to ensure the overall well-being of these children, such as healthcare, counseling and coordination with schools and doctors. In 2013, CCSD changed its legal name to the Bhuvaneshwori Satyal Foundation (BSF) in honor of the late Mrs. Satyal, a pioneer in social work with children in Kathmandu.

Leena joined CCSD (now known as Bhuvaneshwori Satyal Foundation; BSF) six years ago in a program management capacity.  She was deeply motivated by the work of Late Mrs. Bhuvaneshwori Satyal. She feels her involvement with BSF has changed her own life profoundly.  In her own words, "It helped me realize better that each child is unique and precious, and the best way to secure a child's future is through education."
Leena played a pivotal role in ensuring successful migration of the Mitrata-Nepal children from its previous partner in Nepal and also in ensuring a smooth transition of those kids into their new environments. 
Leena now directs BSF, serves as the main liaison to Mitrata-Nepal and continues to oversee the Contact Center program. She and her team in Nepal work closely with the children, their families, the schools and their doctors to ensure the health and well being of each child. 
Aleesh has been working in BSF since 2012 as Program Coordinator for the child sponsorship programs. He is responsible for the delivery of quality program support and coordination with other staff, the schools and families and helping the children with their academic needs.
In his words, "As part of my work I get to spend more time with the children, which I enjoy. Children are like soft clay when you are doing pottery. So, I feel it's important to teach children how to practice kindness, compassion, and gratitude from an early age. I've learned so many things from this organization. At the same time, it is an amazing experience.
Susmita joined BSF In 2016 as a Program Coordinator for the child sponsorship programs working directly with the needs of our female students. She holds bachelor’s degree in social work and has extensive internship experience working at various other social service organizations.
In her own words “Child and education setting has always been my primary work of interest. My study about child development stages and child psychology has added to my interest to work with children and practice my knowledge.  It’s wonderful being part of an organization which believes in hard work and consistency. I would like to experience every possible hardship which may come along my way. I love children and working for them. Being among the children are the most fascinating moments that I get to have here in BSF."
 Susmita Gautam.BSF 2

Sushma has been working as the Program Coordinator for the Contact Center since 2012. After completing early childhood education courses, she started as an assistant teacher in 2009. Today, she has primary responsibility for the children in the Contact Center. She is also pursuing her Masters Degree in Rural Development. 

In her own words, "As I’m always interested in working with children from underprivileged areas, I am very pleased to contribute my knowledge, skills and experiences to BSF.


Yogesh is a freelance trainer consultant, executive coach and management lecturer. He has always been very taken with the work of his mother, the late Bhuvaneshwori Satyal and her unwavering love and service to the countless disadvantaged and underprivileged children of Nepal.

In his own words, "The Mitrata-BSF cooperative partnership has brought about positive change through education in the lives of numerous severely underprivileged children of Nepal over the last several years. And there couldn't have been a better tribute to Mrs. Satyal and a way to celebrating her exemplary life and work."